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Posted on26 Sep 2012
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Great site for 20 somethings to meet for casual sex!

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Fuckbook Hookups is a leader in the sex dating world with millions of members and the best member’s area in the business. They’ve built a high quality site with scads of bonus content, an endless stream of women to contact, and tons of amateur porn in case you’ve struck out for the evening and want to indulge in self pleasure. With a wealth of experience at their fingertips they’ve created a top notch adult dating destination that will enhance your sexual pleasure at the very least. To discover if Fuckbook Hookups is the place for you to find sex read the rest of the review. The answer to the question: Is Fuckbook Hook-ups Real is YES!


The Five Point Test


1) Real Versus Fake/Scamming Members On Fuckbook Hookups

There are a small handful of scams you have to worry about on an adult dating site, with the costliest being the women (or men posing as women) that try to squeeze cash out of you for travel. They hook you with their beauty, talk dirty via email, text, or live chat, and if they’re really selling it will get on webcam. Then they hit you with the fact that they live out of town and would be more than happy to visit if you’ll cover their flight and hotel. If you send the money you’ll never see it again and you’ll never get laid. Every site dedicated to hook ups has scammers like that, but thankfully Fuckbook Hookups is largely free of them thanks to their vigorous policing.

Fuckbook Hookups uses fake profiles to lure free members to pay but they keep them to a minimum so you honestly don’t have to worry about it. You’ll be able to spot them easily so as long as you can manage not to be overwhelmed by your desperation you’ll be fine. Quick tip: if she seems like an absolute fantasy girl then she’s not real. My over all Fuckbook Hookups Review came back positive.


2) Size of the Membership Base

Fuckbook Hookups has the distinction of being one of the largest sites in the sex dating world with tens of millions of members at your fingertips. Thousands of new members join every day so there are endless fresh profiles to browse and new messages to be sent. Most importantly, they have a high number of members that have signed up for the paid access, which means there are plenty of women that can message you back. The bevy of fun loving women that want to find a hook up just like you do is impressive.

What’s most important is that Fuckbook Hookups maintains an excellent ratio of men to women. There are sites where the ratio is in the neighborhood of 30 to 1 and it’s a miserable slog just trying to get the attention of a woman, let alone getting her to respond to you. Fuckbook Hookups is much closer to 3 men for every 1 lady, which is amazing in the adult dating world (trust me, most sites can’t get close to that). It makes it so easy to find sex if you know what you’re doing (and if you’ve read the articles on this site then you’ll know what you’re doing).


3) Site Design and Functionality Review

Fuckbook Hookups offers a near perfect design that maintains simplicity while putting a bevy of options in front of you or just a click away. With clean lines and simple colors they present everything you need to find sex right away. On the main page they present a quick search of matches and let you find new members or those near you with just a click. The hottest pics and videos are also listed on the main page in case you’ve logged in for an amateur porn experience. Links to your latest messages, flirts, profile views, and more are on the left side of the page and just a click away so you can chat with the ladies you want to sleep with.

As you dig deeper you’ll find it’s a breeze to get around and uncover what you’re looking for. The search function is largely the same as any other site with plenty of options for narrowing the results. Matches are displayed with pictures, username, age and location and you can click to visit the profile if you want to find sex with the pretty girl. Their amateur porn collection is huge with thousands upon thousands of hot videos and countless pictures to peruse.


4) Your Chances of Success On Fuckbook Hookups

Fuckbook Hookups offers you the best chance to find sex you’ll find online. Other sites can match it but none can surpass it, which is why a membership is a great use of your sex searching dollars. Because their listings are largely free of fake profiles and because the site is well-designed and well-maintained their members are generally dedicated to actually having sex, not just flirting, posting their exhibitionist movies, and trying to scam guys into giving them cash for a plane ticket.

If Fuckbook Hookups is your first time on an adult dating site you shouldn’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out right away. Practice makes perfect and that applies even more than usual with an adult dating site. This is a great place to find a hook up with a pretty girl that wants to give you pleasure just as much you want to pleasure her. Response rates are high thanks to a high number of active female members and since they make it perfectly clear what this site is for you know everyone is in the mood for the same thing. Facebook Hook-ups is real!


5) Billing Information

All memberships are discreetly billed so unless someone is a member they’ll never guess what the fee is for. Rates are exceptionally low if you purchase multiple months up front, with the $180 for 18 months being the lowest. That’s a big number up front but you’re guaranteed to get laid here and once you get the ball rolling and build experience you’ll find that the ladies keep on coming (in more ways than one), which makes the membership fee well worth it. Buy four months up front and you pay $60. The month to month fee is $25.


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  1. The Real Guru says
    Feb 3, 2013 | Reply

    Ive been a big user of sex dating websites ever since I was turned on to AFF 5 or so years go. Since then I have joined no less than 7 sites and no site has worked at finding hookups better than Fuckbook hookup. I think what really sets Fuckbook apart is their member-base. Because the site promotes to a young crowd its filled with a lot of co-ed and 20 somethings. If you are looking for older ladies or cheating wives look else where, fuckbook is not the site for you. But if its a younger crowd you are after I highly recommend giving it a test.

    One word of caution, the site is a paid service. Many people now to the sex dating word fall into this trap because so many sex dating sites, including fuckbook hookup, promote themselves as free when in fact there is a monthly membership fee if you want to use any messaging feature on the site.

  2. Rob da Man says
    Dec 18, 2012 | Reply

    If you are not new to the world of casual dating you know about all the headaches that come with it. Fake profiles, getting emailed over and over as soon as you join from “woman” looking to hook up, annoying ads all over the member page, and escorts looking for new Jons’. Fuckbook hooks-ups in no different. If you know the site you will experience all of the aforementioned. The thing is no mater want site you join you can avoid it. That said, out of the 5 casual dating sites I have tired out. Fuckbook hook-ups in hands down the best. As I understand it it shares its member data base with AFF which is one of the largest sites around. That means dispute the usually annoyances and the effort it takes to weed through the scammers and escorts, the membership base on fuckbook is massive.

    Speaking from experience this site fuckbook hookups works ! If you put in the time and effort you can meet and hook up with local woman and at the end of the day that is the #1 reason you join a site like this. :wink:

  3. Big Fan Dan says
    Dec 15, 2012 | Reply

    I am not the type of person who writes wordy reviews, but as a happy member of Fuckbook hook-ups for the last 3 months I did want to spread the work that Fuckbook Hook-ups is legit! If you are thinking about joining I highly recommend it. The site does charge you if you want to use much of their features (as other reviewers have mentioned) but that is pretty common with must casual sex dating sites. I personally did start with a free profile, put up a picture, and started to browse the ladies within 10 miles of me. Once a few pretty hot local babes sent me flirts I upgraded me account so I can write them back. It turned out to be money well spent and within less than 2 days of chatting we meet in person :wink: Thank you Fuckbook!

  4. Happy In Highland Park says
    Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a member of Fuckbook hook-ups now for almost a year. I was first turned on to fuckbook by a co-worker. I noticed the site open one day on his work machine and inquired what it was all about. At the time he had nothing but rave reviews. He described it as the facebook for sex. But all I really wanted to do was does fuckbook hook-ups work at getting you laid. Later that night I went home and signed up, now almost a year later I am still a very happy member. Everything you could want in a social sex network fuckbook does well. The site is very easy to navagate, is loaded with fantastic features such as mobile messaging, and video chatting, and the best part of all the membership base is massive and growing every day. To give you an idea what I mean. When I first joined there was around 50 woman within 20 miles of me that fit my search criteria. When I did a search this morning it yielded over 200! With such a fresh influx of members joining all the time, I never run out of new girls to approach.

    Over all I am very happy with fuckbook hook-ups and have no plans to cancel my membership any time soon. Fuckbook gets a perfect 5 star review from me!

  5. William Rosen says
    Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    I am the biggest cynic you will ever meet. So when I first discovered Fuckbook Hook-ups and the whole Sex dating crazes I thought no way in hell it actually works. How could there be sites were woman are handing out the pootang for free! These sites have to be filled with escorts, and scammers not real woman looking to hook up. Despite my skepticism I was drunk enough one night to sign up for a free profile. I figured if nothing else I could check out some sexy candid photos. Right after signing up I was really impressed with how well the member area was designed it was really easy to create your profile and start interacting with other members. I was also shocked at how big the member base was. At any given time there is at least 50 woman online within 10 miles of me. After some trial and error I am confident saying 70% of them are in fact real woman 20% escorts and 10% are really really fishy, either dudes or companies hocking a product. Not nearly as bad as I first thought. But would this site actually get me laid? That did not come easy and took just about 2 weeks, of sending out flirts and emails, but in the end I was left with very little doubt Fuckbook Hookups Works! I continue to use it regularly as a way to meet woman. I have even recommended it to a few of my single buddies. Fuckbookhookups.com has this cynic sold!

  6. Chris K. says
    Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    So far I am loving fuckbook hook-ups! It has exceeded my expectations when it comes to number of members in my area. I have already successfully hooked up with 1 girl (Thank you for that Fuckbook :wink: ) The only negative thing I would say about this site is all the ads! When you first sign in, before you access your profile page, you get bombarded with IM style ads and banners. It can get really annoying especially when I am paying 20 bucks a month to be a member. Over all a solid sex dating site and I would recommend it to others just WAY to many ads for a paid service.

  7. Paul Gladstone says
    Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a member of fuckbook hook-ups now for the last few weeks. It started off a little slow for me, I sent out no less than 50 messages to woman and only got a couple replies. One word of advice I can share, you really need to be creative with your emailing in order to get a reply. “Hey lets fuck” does not work any more ha! In any event being persistent has paid off and my hit count is already up to 3! Making fuckbook well worth the cost of admission! :twisted:

  8. Mark J says
    Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    I was the biggest skeptic of all when it came to sex dating. I figured everyone on a site like this was either an escort, or a scam artist looking to trick me into joining another service. A close buddy of mine turned me on to fuckbook hook-ups, he told me it was a “social network” style site for people looking to hookup and he had some decent luck meeting woman on it. With his recommendation I gave the site a try. Dont get me wrong there is plenty of scam artists and hookers on here but what surprised me was how many REAL woman there was on the site! Many of them are a little on the fugly side and packing a few pounds but they are all looking to get laid and nothing else. Its a great way to find someone to poke on without leaving your house!

  9. John In South Bend says
    Oct 8, 2012 | Reply

    The navigation on this site could be a little easier to use and I wish the video chat feature was more stable. Whenever I try to video chat the connection just hangs. Other than that, the site does have a good amount of woman who all highly receptive and ready to Hooking up.

  10. Jared Chang says
    Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    I had just about given up on the dating scene when a frat buddy turned me on to the world of sex dating! In the past I browsed Craig’s list and backpages casual encounter sections but 99% of the ads I came across were hookers which is just not my thing. It was recommended I give Fuckbook Hookups a shot. Though I was hesitant at first I created a profile and signed up to a 3 day trail membership and I am glad I did! Dont get me wrong the site is not filled with perfect 10s but the ladies I have meet on fuckbook are drama free and just looking for fun! :cool:

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