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Posted on11 Jan 2013
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The first Social Network geared towards getting laid! Social Sex exceeds all expectations. Highly Recommended!

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Imagine the money Facebook could make if they created a part of the site dedicated to sexual hook ups. The more conservative members of their userbase would go nuts so they’ll never do it, of course, but there’s a voracious appetite for a site like that, which is why Social Sex exists. This adult dating site is here to offer you the ability to message with, meet with, and hook up with a wide variety of beautiful people, all of whom joined because they want the same thing. Sign up is easy and once you’re a member you can freely browse the listings, look at profiles, check out some of the bonus content, and more. You’ll have to pay to actually send and receive messages. The answer to the question: Does Social sex work? is YES.

The Five Point Review


1) How Many Real Versus Fake Members On Social Sex

One of the realities of sex dating is that some of the profiles aren’t real. On a site like Social Sex that’s largely the creation of the site itself, as they use some profiles to entice you into joining. Thankfully, these profiles are almost always incredibly obvious. You’ll find yourself browsing the pictures and reading what’s been posted and feeling like it seems too good to be true. Trust that feeling, because it is. There’s little harm to it since you when you send a message to one of those profiles you simply won’t hear back.

What I found most appealing, and the main reason why my social sex review is so positive is the fake members on social sex are kept to real minimum. You’ll come across them, but they are few and far between. When you look at it from a distance and not in the haze of a man that’s desperately horny, you’ll realize that the scams aren’t even a little bit sophisticated. Instead, it’s a girl telling you she really wants you and is really interested in you but needs travel money that is usually a lot more than you’d pay an escort. For some reason a small percentage of guys actually send the money, figuring they’re buying a deeply satisfying long term sexual relationship, not just a night with an escort. Those guys are wrong and if you’re one of them you just need to have a little common sense and stop listening to your dick over your brain.

2) Size of the Membership Base

More than 40 million people have signed up for Social Sex over the lifetime of the site. Not all of those are active members ready to be messaged, but you’d never be able to get in contact with that many people anyway so it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you have thousands of willing and eager potential sexual partners in any given city. In some there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds. That makes it easy to hook up. Also important is the excellent female to male ratio where it’s just a few guys for every girl, not dozens as is the case on some sites (those are not good sites, while this one is).


3) Site Design and Functionality Review

The presentation of information at Social Sex is its strongest design element. So often on an adult dating site the profile info is sloppy and more difficult to browse than necessary. Here it’s all contained on the same page and presented in an easy to digest format. Some girls don’t give nearly enough information, but there’s little the site can do to control that. Their search function is the same as any other site with a few ways to specialize based on physical appearance and a few specific categories like smoking, drinking, etc. On every profile there’s a small section where you can leave a note for yourself that only you will ever be able to see. It’s useful if you use the site a lot and want to keep track of which girls you’ve message and that never got back to you, which girls were a little crazy, etc. Overall though, in the Social Sex Real or Fake test, Social Sex IS REAL!

You’re given numerous options for making contact with the available women of Social Sex. When you’re eager to setup a sex date you can start with an email or try and send an instant message if she’s online. If you want to go bold then send a friend request. If you want to keep it really simple you can send one of the flirts, which are little images that can be either really graphic (and sometimes too gross) or clean and flirty. You can connect with a girl on webcam and they have a feature that lets you request a meet in person with just one click.

In the XXX theater they offer bonus content that makes the $30/month price seem more valuable. It’s not great content and it’s not unique at all, but it’s nice if you’re looking for some porn in a pinch. Other useful member features include info on swinger clubs, porn stories, chat rooms, and a 3d virtual sex world.

4) Does SocialSex Work?

Social Sex has all the ingredients necessary to have a successful casual sex relationship online. The only missing ingredient is you and it’s your job to put what they give you to use and make it successful. There is no such thing as 100%, but if you read the tips found in the articles on this site you’ll see there are many ways you can ensure a more successful time.

What’s important is that Social Sex puts you amongst millions of available women, makes it easy to browse their profiles and glean useful information, and makes it easy to get in contact with them in a variety of ways. This is a site built for helping people hook up and everyone that joins knows that, which is why hook ups are so common.

5) Billing Information

Your membership to the casual dating site Social Sex begins with a three day trial that costs $1. If you choose not to cancel your trial renews at $30 for 30 days, a fee that will renew every 30 days until you cancel your membership. You will be billed by one of four billing companies, the names of which are not sexual, adult, or offensive in any way. However, a simple search will reveal that they do lots of billing for adult sites, so you’re better off using a prepaid debit card rather than your credit card if you have a wife that sees your billing statements.


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  1. Its Festivus Year Around! says
    Feb 13, 2013 | Reply

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give socialsex a solid 8. Simply put the site does a lot of things really really well. Large membership base, plenty of fresh woman signing up daily, easy site navigation, limited annoying ads, and the most import thing of all socialsex works! Speaking on personal experience I have already bedded 3 girls in the 2 months I have been a member.

    What it can improve on is its mobile features. In today’s day and age every one surfs the web on their phone and with socialsex you are really limited what you can and can not do on your phone. I would be an answer feature if you could see what members were within 10 miles of you at any given time. Kinda like grinder does with the gays (not that there is anything wrong with that: )… A feature like that would knock it out of the park and put socialsex head and shoulders above all over sex dating sites. As it stands now its still a great site and well worth the cost of membership

  2. Tyler J says
    Feb 5, 2013 | Reply

    All told socialsex is a really good casual dating site. I see there ads all over the web so its no wonder so many new members are signing up. But none of that matter unless the site helps to get you laid. And from my personal account I can say it does! It did not happen over night and took me a while to crack the nut of this whole “Sex dating” thing but once I did, I started to meet a good amount of woman on socialsex.

    The reason I am writing this review is to help pass long the trick I learned. That trick is picking out and only contacting the vulnerable woman! Any woman who either recently broke up with her BF, or better yet got cheated on is true gold and the easiest lay you will ever find! :wink: Best news of all socialsex is loaded with these vulnerable woman. I highly recommend you give it a try.

  3. Freddy Elmes says
    Jan 31, 2013 | Reply

    I am a big fan of this site! Since I have been a member of social sex my social life has never been better. Because I have social anxiety I never had much success meeting woman in a bar or a club, mostly due to the crowds and commotion. But under less pressure its much easier for me to charm a girl. Using a site such as allows me to flirt and even video chat with girls from the comfort of my home, and then if there is a connection meet in person. For the first time in my life I actually have some confidence with the opposite sex :smile:

    Since I joined 4 months ago I have already hooked up with 3 girls which is the most I have ever gotten with in such a short period of time. I really cant say anything more than gets a big 5 star ranking from me!

  4. John Allie says
    Jan 24, 2013 | Reply

    All told Social Sex is a really good sex dating site. Large membership base, decent features such as sending flirts and video to video chat, and the cost of membership is pretty line with what similar sites are charging what I would love social sex to improve is there mobile site. I first found the site via my Iphone and signed up that way. The sign up process was a specific mobile landing page so I assumed the site was designed just for mobile users too. Once I signed up though I found out to create a profile and really use any of’s features it has to be done on a desk top. You can do it if your phone has a full browser but its no easy… Just a word of caution if you are looking for a site you can use more on the go….

  5. Keep It Real says
    Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    I consider myself an expert in casual dating. I am a recurring member of 5 sites and is the newest addition to my portfolio. My first impression was the site has a very cool name and the logo really caught my eye. Two little “twitter” birds getting down LOL. Before a pay for any sex dating site I always start with a free membership, and was no different. I’ve signed up to so many in my day I have the profile set up process really streamlined.

    Once inside the member area of social sex I was really blown away. Not a single ad at all! This was the only site I have ever found which does not litter their member are with annoying ad after ad. I then did a quick search for woman in my area to see how large the data base was. The results were impressive so I was sold! Personally I like to start with a 3 month membership because it saves you money and it takes some time to find a hook up, so that was what I did.

    I am now 1 month into my 3 month membership on Socialsex and my experience continues to be positive. There is enough different woman (not members on other sites such as AFF) to keep me busy. I have already successfully bedded 2 of them, so the site has already paid for itself! One small word of caution, I mentioned earlier that there was no ads in the members area when I created the free profile. Unfortunately this did change once my account upgraded to a paid account. This is a little troubling because it tells me they are trying to trick you into upgrading, and then hit you with the ads. That said, they still keep the ads to a minimum which is very nice. Over all I highly recommend Socialsex!

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